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Finally Firing Engines in the Midwest

Mother Nature wasn’t very kind to Rockford Speedway’s “Spring Classic,” but engines did fire over the weekend for the season opener for the ARCA Midwest Tour and the ARCA CRA Series that ran a joint event at Toledo Speedway.  

We were finally able to use the new GoPro Hero 3+ that Santa brought.  I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with it!  It shoots incredible HD video.  The real test will come during night conditions at La Crosse Speedway, as while improvements have been made with lighting, there are still some pockets that are dimly lit.  

That season opener for La Crosse is actually on a Sunday afternoon this year (April 27), so we’ll be waiting for the true test the week after that.  I actually expect the camera to impress me, as it has some features to help improve during dark conditions.

At any rate, you can see how the camera worked at Toledo Speedway in a video from Ty Majeski’s car in the video to the upper right.  Ty had a rocket ship for the weekend, but a hiccup with the carburetor caused him to drop from second place to the pits, going down five laps.  The video above shows his performance after the situation was rectified.  Brian Campbell the ended up snagging the checkered flag in the 150-lap event.

There were plenty of incidents during the race and we caught a big one (or at least the aftermath of it) on the in-car camera, after Donny Reuvers and Andrew Morrissey made contact and James Swan piled into the back end of Reuvers.  It was ugly, but all are OK.  That video can be viewed on our Facebook page.  (Just click on the link below.)